Who are we?

Founded in 1971 under the leadership of the deceased Baki Taştan, ARTAN first started its activities with the production of elevator door locks and then expanded its field of activity, expanding its field of activity, elevator door under-door damper, elevator floor and cabin buttons, disabled platform elevators, disabled stair elevators, disabled foldable vertical stair elevators, horizontal and vertical lift and pool stair lifts that carry out production Turkey ‘is the first company .

Artan Asansör uses the latest technology in modern production and manufactures at high capacity. It has CE quality certificates. All operations of Artan Asansör, including management and production, are carried out in strict compliance with national and international quality standards, and the products are subjected to quality control and conformity testing at every stage of production. Artan Asansör is among the well-known and reputable brands by public and private sector customers, who are satisfied with its wide range of products, developing new products specific to its customers, 100% perfect quality and services that meet the desired product conditions.


It has pioneered in meeting the needs of the sector, which are dependent on abroad, by making completely domestic manufacturing and has made its activity export to more than 40 countries in four continents.


In this goal, we respectfully our industry, our employees and our founder who have supported us since 1971 and made us feel that we are an unrivaled and powerful organization.


General Manager

First that brings in the sector in Turkey ;

Elevator Door Locks
Elevator Door Shock Absorbers
Floor and Cabin Buttons
Stair Lifts

Why Artan Asansör?

Guaranteed and Superior product quality proven by all customers

Modern production track using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment

Continuously increasing wide range of products

Well known reputable and reliable brand in national and international markets

Equipped with R&D department, advanced programs and engineering studies, new product design, development and mass production in accordance with customer demand

Based on many years of field experience and our strong service structure with the authority both in Turkey abroad sağlayıcısıyız a field service.

Increasing Elevator prefer our solutions to our customers as we offer services with the same quality of service anywhere in Turkey.

Professional customer service before and after sales

Reasonable and competitive price level that satisfies the customers for superior quality products

Our Mission;

Our company is among the rare and successful companies that produce technology and service in the global sector with its own control software, without compromising the principles of Technology – Safety – Quality in terms of disabled elevator and elevator button locations and elevator locks.

Our vision;

Our company, which aims to make suitable project work according to the needs of its customers such as quality products and technical support, to contribute positively to the future of its employees and the elevator sector, and at the same time, to obtain high-performance products that can compete in the market, continues to work with extraordinary care.