• Pool lifts are products that have been developed for use in public and private pools, spas and hotels, but can also be used in piers by the sea.

They are used by disabled, elderly, overweight and mobility restricted users. They are mechanisms that allow users to benefit from the healing power of water and are very easy to use. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • The advantage of portable models is that they do not require any modification, cutting, drilling or similar processes in pools. They allow disabled person to come from the locker room to the pool and enter the pool easily, comfortably and safely. They eliminate the need to transfer the disabled person with a fabric sling.


Eco N model portable / mobile pool lift:

  • Stainless steel and electrostatic powder oven painted main body
  • Payload: 135 kg
  • Transport distance: 1260 mm
  • It can drop into water in 20 seconds, can take out from water in 25 seconds
  • Depth that the seat can go down: 650mm
  • Control by mobile remote 4 wheels with 200mm diameter
  • Brake on the rear wheels, safety stoppers on the front
  • Head rest point
  • Emergency button
  • 2-point seat belt
  • Removable battery for external charging
  • Charger